Bat Brick Project

With all the development in and around our locality it is really important that we welcome wildlife into our environment.

Bats are an indicator species.

In the UK, bats serve as indicator species, with fluctuations in their populations signaling changes in various aspects of biodiversity. They are considered exceptional ecological indicators due to their sensitivity to changes in climate and habitat quality caused by human activities. Certain plants rely partially or entirely on specific bat species for pollination and seed dispersal, while numerous bats, including all species found in Britain, play a crucial role in insect control through their diet.

You can read lots more about bats at Why bats matter – About Bats – Bat Conservation Trust.

The 21st Century Thame Bat Bricks project is a result of being donated a large number of hand made bat bricks.

These bricks just need to be placed on a south facing wall, on a flat surface, quite high up out of the reach of humans or cats or other predators.

Do you have a suitable wall ?

Would you like to be part of the conservation of bats simply by adding a pretty unnoticable brick to your building ?

Contact [email protected] to acquire your FREE bat brick.