Swift Nest Brick Project

Recent developments on Thame Town Centre’s buildings have significantly reduced the number of suitable nesting sites for the swifts that come here to breed.

We may be too late for this year but we still have to try to provide more nesting sites for these amazing birds.

Thanks to Lucy Electric for offering some sponsorship this year to provide some swift nest bricks for the buildings in Thame.

With this sponsorship our volunteers are now discussing with the relevant parties involved to see if nest boxes can be installed along Thame High Street and maybe other areas to ensure that we can continue to see these interesting birds into the future.

If you are interesting in help swifts locally please to consider joining the volunteers working on this project. Contact [email protected].

If you own a building high enough for swifts to nest then please do get in touch and we can work out how to get swifts nesting in Thame and surrounding towns and villages once again. Contact [email protected].

21st Century Thame would like to thank Lucy Electric for, once again, sponsoring a new project concept to allow us to help another local wildlife species.