Tackling Climate Change in Thame

COP26 has highlighted the grave situation our planet is facing, and is working towards an international response to this at a government level. ‘Tackling Climate Change in Thame‘ is a new campaign being launched by the partnership of 21st Century Thame and Thame Green Living to help enable the community of Thame, and surrounding areas, to respond as a community on a local level. 

Thame already leads the way – being the first market town (that we know of) to adopt a ‘Green Living Plan‘.

Multiple organisations throughout Thame have already taken action to bring change for the climate. Just some of these are: 

  • #ThameTrees led by 21st Century Thame, 
  • Thame Drive Electric led by Thame Green Living, 
  • Thame COP26 led by Wild Pear CIC,
  • Chinnor and Thame Friends of the Earth

However there is so much more to be done and we want to enable this to happen and to happen more quickly.

Initially this will be by offering you support to take further steps towards sustainable living – either personally or within your business.

Beyond this, additional funds will be used to achieve larger scale projects to move the whole of Thame towards a cleaner, greener future. These projects will include much more planting of trees and hedgerows, encouraging the increase of local biodiversity, lowering carbon emissions and large scale, long-term infrastructure projects.  For a glimpse into the grand scheme of changes Thame needs please do read through the Thame Green Living Plan.

A bit more detail

Sponsor projects by Thame Green Living and 21st Century Thame

Since the Thame Green Living Plan was adopted by Thame Town Council in 2020 the volunteers of Thame Green Living (the custodians of the Plan) have created a number of projects aimed at completing parts of the Plan. Some of the projects so far have been :

  • Thame Drive Electric 2021
  • Love Thame Hate Waste
  • Solar Streets Thame
  • Thame Outer Walking Routes
  • Clean Air for Thame Schools

The team have plans for 2022 – and these plans need backing from local businesses, councils and volunteers. Projects for 2022 include :

  • Summer of Cycling / Active Travel
  • 20 is plenty – reducing the speed in places where people are
  • Thame Live & Drive Electric
  • Regenerating Thame’s Green Spaces including tree planting
  • Walking and footpaths
  • Clean Air for Schools and ‘No idling’ campaign
  • Cargo Bike ‘last mile delivery’ Project
  • More solar streets
  • EV hire club
  • Business waste schemes
  • Climate impact awareness
  • Thame Street Climate Champions

Support to take action and make change

We know that there is more talk about making changes to help reduce carbon emissions, increase bio-diversity and reduce plastic consumption – but it’s difficult without support.

For individuals

For just £25 we’ll provide you with a list of 25 actions that you could take within your home or garden.
Your donation will go towards the Thame Green Living Plan planned projects.

For businesses

We want to work with businesses to help them reduce their carbon emissions and plastic.   We want to help businesses look closely at their carbon footprint and help find ways of reducing it along with making savings in the business or helping fund change. 

We want to ask businesses to help us by supporting projects planned to encourage more walking, cycling, use of electric transport.  

To ask businesses to help us plant trees and find ways to join up more of the green spaces to allow our wildlife to prosper.