Hoggy habitat in Thame

Last year the Hedgehog Highways Project of 21st Century Thame spent time building up a community of hedgehog loving residents who pledged to spend time making their own gardens more hedgehog friendly – but also to take on the role of helping their neighbours change their gardens too.

This year we are hoping to see more hedgehogs around and are looking forward to feedback like this from John and Anne Reid-Hansen who have really made somewhere very special for their visitors.

They have already been rewarded for their efforts with a hedgehog visitor – unfortunately they weren’t quick enough this time to get a photo – maybe next time John.

This habitat shows 2 hedgehog access holes either side of a wonderfully simple hedgehog house made out of sticks and stones.

So wonderful to hear that it has been visited already.

Please do let us know if you’ve seen a hedgehog in your garden this year – and especially if you’ve made the effort to make it more wildlife friendly.