Saving waste from our local shops

Reducing food waste in thame

For only a small price you can join and save loads

Do you want to help stop the waste of produce and goods that are sent to landfill because they have not been purchased from the shop at which they were being sold ?

If you do then please do look at these options in Thame.

Reports about these are always brilliant !

Sharing Life Trust and Red Kite Family Centre are collaborating with SOFEA, a charity based in Didcot, to bring a Community Larder to Thame.  It’s for everyone.  The selection varies but is always worth it.  Products have included toothpaste, pasta, tinned veg, fresh fruit and veg, bread and lots more.
Thame Community Larder

The Larder has been running at Christchurch every Thursday afternoon between 2.30pm and 4.30pm since September 2020. 

Sharing Life is also registered with Fareshare, the national charity targeting supermarket waste. On 6 days a week we collect surplus items from Waitrose Thame and take them to our food store for redistribution in the food parcels that we produce for people experiencing poverty. We need extra volunteers to help with these collections please so if any of your readers/members are interested in helping then please give them this link to our volunteer page. 

Some of the local shops are subscribed to the TooGoodToGo app.  During the day they will have surplus foods that haven’t sold.  For a small fee at a predetermined time you can pick up a ‘magic bag’.  Each shop has different contents.  All very exciting. 
Too Good To Go

Unsold surplus food is collected from Tesco every Friday shared for free within the community!

The food is listed on the OLIO app which is like Gumtree, but for food.

Good food should be eaten, not binned.

To get some, all you need to do is download the app for free and request it.

Listings start at about 9pm.

OLIO rules state that ‘Use By’ same date items MUST be collected before midnight that day, and ‘Best Before’ dates can be collected anytime, so please do not request items which must be collected by midnight, if you cannot collect.

Make sure you set your OLIO app notifications to alert you when there’s a new listing.

If you know of any other apps or schemes that are available to join that allow the public to reduce waste in our county please do let [email protected] know so that we can update this post.