Have you seen these signs ?

One of the Green Living Plan Projects

If you would like to help go to Thame Green Living website, choose your interest and then contact the team and offer your time.

Have you seen these signs around Thame ?

The Thame Green Living Plan launched Summer 2020.

There are many many projects listed in the plan and the small Thame Green Living team have started working on some of them.  

These signs, which you will see around Thame, are the result of negotiations with Thame Town Council and is part of a project to try to restore some of the richness of biodiversity in public spaces in Thame.

If you would like to read where this project fits in to the Green Living Plan you’ll find it’s reference on page 24.

Sometimes it’s just the routine way that things are being done that may be opposing our dream of improved biodiversity.  So the Thame Green Living team have negotiated with Thame Town Council to reduce the areas that are mowed so that more wild flowers and wild plants can grow and give more insects and small mammals places to live.

There are loads of great ideas in the Green Living Plan and the team would like everyone in Thame to become involved.

Some of the actions in the plan are for individuals to do at home.  Some of the projects need groups to take them on.  Maybe you have a group of friends who would like to take one of the projects on – just contact the Thame Green Living team via the website and show your support.