Ecosia plants trees – that’s easy !

#ThameTrees, part of 21st Century Thame, is planting trees in and around Thame.  We’ve planted over 3000 in the past 18 months. Great for the local environment, air quality, wildlife and mental wellness of our community.

I’ve just discovered another way that every one of us can plant more trees without leaving our home and without doing any fund raising……

A new search engine called Ecosia is now available and it spends it’s ad revenue on planting trees !

This is what the Ecosia websites say :

'Ecosia is a search engine like Google, but very different: we use our ad revenue to plant trees where nature and people need them most. The Ecosia community has already planted millions of trees in Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, as well as many other biodiversity hotspots.'

They claim 'Every search removes 1kg of CO2'.

For more information about the tree planting projects go here : '

To download the search engine as an extension to the Google Chrome browser go here :