Hedgehog Highways Project

21st Century Thame launched it’s Hedgehog Highways project in May 2023.

Our aim is to increase the number of Hedgehog Champions in Thame and connect every garden as a hedgehog highway and have each hedgehog hole registered on Hedgehogstreet.org.

Education and awareness of is paramount importance if we are to help the hedgehogs in Thame.

Checking piles of leaves before vacuuming them up, looking under log piles before burning them, searching through the long grass before strimming and mowing – just to be sure you’re not disturbing a nest of hoglets.

To help with our project you can :

  1. Become a Hedgehog Champion and learn about how to ensure hedgehogs in Thame have room, safety, food and water
  2. Make holes in your fences and your walls to allow the hedgehogs in – then register your hedgehog holes on Big Hedgehog Map.
  3. Talk to your neighbours to ask them to extend your hedgehog highway.
  4. Join our group who are raising funds and taking time to encourage others to become aware.
  5. Make a hedgehog house to give to someone with a particularly tidy garden.
  6. Make a hedgehog feeding station to give to someone keen to feed but not practical.
  7. Become an enthusiastic local who can visit gardens and advise where hedgehog holes, habitats and feeding stations are best located.
  8. Become an enthusiastic local who can make neat new hedgehog holes for neighbours who don’t have the skills.


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    Thanks to B P Collins for their wonderful sponsorship of this project 2023.