Equipment Bank Volunteers needed

Thame Equipment Bank is a wonderful community resource which allows event organisers to hire outdoor event equipment at very rates.

It was created to help charity, community and local people organise events without having to hire equipment at such prices that would make the decision to run the events difficult.

It helps local charities raise money by allowing people to run more community events.

Sue Martin-Downhill has been leading the Thame Equipment Bank since 2014 and would now like to stand down from being the manager and in charge of purchasing in order to pursue other 21st Century Thame projects like #ThameTrees and to lend more support for the Thame Green Living team.

The role involves reporting to the 21st Century Thame steering group on all aspects of the Thame Equipment Bank and ensuring that the stock of equipment is checked, monitored and replaced as necessary. You would be responsible for making sure that the hirers have paid.

Sue has been involved in making grant applications to SODC, Thame Town Council and any other bodies who may support such a community venture to pay for the replacements.

The role does not need much time. You would be working alongside the hire liaison officer who arranges the keyholders to meet the hirers, the keyholders who meet the hirers to supply the equipment, the admin person who records all the hires and attending 21st Century Thame steering group meetings or providing a brief report to meetings.

If you can give around 4 hours a month to take on this role please do contact [email protected].

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