Orchard View Farm February 5/6 planting

Thanks to the two teams of planters that braved the cold but clear and beautiful skies on February 5/6th 2022.

We visited Orchard View Farm this weekend.

On the first day we planted 27 x 3 year old trees purchased by the farm.  Each tree takes about 45 minutes to get into the ground.  So our team of 13 worked well.  The sausage and bacon roll was well deserved !

On the Sunday the task was to lift blackthorn saplings from the back of the bar and bring them out into the area that will be the glamping area so that they can become the dividers between the pods.  Much better than fencing and great for the local wildlife.  The team on Sunday was 11 strong with 5 enjoying the work both days.   We spent some time clearing around some hedge whips that were planted 18 months ago and restaking some from last year that was leaning over.

There is such a great feeling after being out in the fresh air all day and the hot chocolate tastes better for it too.

More To Do

There is plenty more planting to do at Orchard View Farm as James is keen to plant as much as possible.  If you have a weekend when you would like to get outdoors and help get more trees in the ground please do contact [email protected] as we can always arrange a planting party around you.