New Bird Boxes installed at Lord Williams’s School

All ready for spring!

Thanks to Andrew Patchett from Cuttlebrook Nature Conservation Group, 14 new bird boxes / nests have been put up around Lord Williams’s upper and lower schools over the last 2 weeks.  The majority of the nests are for blue tits and wrens with 2 suitable for robins.  

9 of the nests were donated by Lucy Electric (coordinated by Sue Martin-Downhill of 21st Century Thame) while 2 were built by young scouts at Thame Shed.

Thanks to Andy, one of the Cuttlebrook Nature Reserve Volunteers, for installing the bird boxes.

Do keep a look out for the nests (there are nests viewable outside H10/H2 and G8/G7) and let me know of any happy couples moving in. 

21st Century Thame would like to thank Kate Paver for all her work with increasing biodiversity at Lord Williams’s Schools. Without people like Kate Thame would continue the trend of reducing habitats for wildlife – the UK has one of the worst records for habitat loss and reduction in wildlife in the world !