Lightfoots has Sponsored 21st Century Thame for the Second Year in a Row

We’re delighted to announce that Lightfoots Solicitors has signed up to sponsor us at 21st Century Thame for a second year in a row. Lightfoots is a leading Thame based solicitors offering award winning legal services for you – for business, for lenders and for life.

Their funding last year was instrumental in driving the growth in projects that we delivered. We went from being focused mostly on tree planting in 2022 to expanding our work to include: Hedgehog Highways, Green Street Champions & Business Spotlights in 2023. Lightfoots’ donation has helped us expand because it was not tied to a specific project, thereby giving us the capacity to design these new projects and to go out to the market to get funding for them, and to submit them for grant funding requests too. Our impact in Thame and its surrounding villages grew immensely with this expansion in projects and the number of residents and businesses who are now working towards a greener future has increased vastly.

You can read more about how Lightfoots’ 2023 donation supported us here:

Lightfoots’ 2024 donation has already helped us to design three new projects that are set for delivery this year, and it’s also given us the capacity to apply for local grants and funding to support them too.  We’re really excited about them and we look forward to announcing these projects shortly here.

We’re so deeply grateful for Lightfoots’ support, as it allows us to be innovative and expand in our mission to create a more sustainable and biodiverse Thame. We look forward to growing our relationship together this year!

You can read more about Lightfoots Solicitors here:

If you want to get involved in any of our local projects, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.