Thame Business Green Spotlight – Comhla

Comhla is a sustainable clothes shop, based in Long Crendon Manor Stables. Founded and managed by Lucie Harrid, Comhla is a culmination of Lucie’s 20 years working in sustainability. It’s foundational values when it comes to clothes are: ‘Buy Well, Mend and Extend’. Offering new pieces made with high sustainability values, a repair and alteration service as well as preloved clothes, Comhla not only offers sustainable choices to shoppers, but it’s also set up to be as green as possible as a business.

What They Offer

Lucie has created a shopping experience as far away as possible from fast fashion. The ‘Buy Well’ offering of the business, only sells from brands that are made very sustainably. Lucie has created a bespoke framework to assess these suppliers:

  1. Beauty – brilliantly designed clothes that last
  2. Responsibility – processes and supply chain policies that prioritise sustainability
  3. Community – a practice of giving back to local and global communities

This framework ensures that the clothes on offer in Comhla, are not only beautiful but that they are from businesses with sustainability at the heart of what they do.

Comhla’s ‘Mend’ offering includes repairs, alterations, upcycling and tutorials. These options allow for shoppers to care for their clothes over the long-term and reduce their overall environmental impact as clothes then have a longer life. In a similar vein, Comhla’s ‘Extend’ collection gives customers the option to purchase pre-loved clothes or rent outfits over a short term, or for specific occasions. This approach results in a lower number of clothes being bought and made each year, and therefore less items ending up as landfill waste. It means that clothes can live a long and happy life in others’ wardrobes.

Business Behind the Scenes

Comhla aims to minimise its negative impact and maximise its positive impact on the environment.

It curtails its negative impact by using the most renewable energy possible, minimising waste, recycling packaging and reducing what isn’t renewable.

It maximises its positive impact by donating 1% of profits to charities. The business is currently going through the BCorp certification process, a rigorous test of processes and systems to be as sustainable as possible. Lucie also volunteers at the Fashion Roundtable, a think tank that’s dedicated to championing sustainability issues in the fashion industry. Comhla is also a signatory to other campaigns for responsible and sustainable business, such as the Better Business Act (a movement advocating for a change to corporate law, to ensure that the planet and society are equal to shareholders as stakeholders in business) and Fashion Declares (calling for change and sustainable practices in the fashion industry).

Inspiring shoppers to engage with issues around sustainability is part and parcel of Comhla’s marketing message, with a focus on ‘progress over perfection’ and embracing the positives of embracing sustainable living. Their intention is to communicate solutions and to keep the conversation positive and hopeful in tone.

They have more plans in the works and they will be hosting events soon too. Check out their Instagram: and website to find out more.