Thame Green Street Champions launches

We, at 21st Century Thame, want to see a greener, more sustainable town for us all to enjoy and to support future generations too.

Off the back of our successful, ‘Hedgehog Highways’ project (which already has 100+ Hedgehog Champions!) we have created ‘Thame Green Street Champions’.

This project aims to have a green champion on every street in Thame, where the champions will encourage and inspire their neighbours to do their bit for the environment.

To ensure that this project is able to be sustainable we are looking for plenty of funding.

We have a Time Limited crowdfunder running which is being matched by Aviva. One of the rewards for donating that we are offering is a volunteer home made hedgehog house made from recycled wood. We are in the process of making them and some will hopefully be ready by next week.

To get yours it’s just £35 (and Aviva will match this – so this project will receive £70 !)

Support us now to help Thame’s community band together to create a greener future for our children and their children’s children.

Click here to go to the crowdfunder page.

Crowdfunder expires 28th August 2023.