Maybe we’re having an effect – advocating for hedgehogs in Thame

For the first time since getting a dog and walking her in the evenings I have stumbled across 3 separate hedgehogs wandering the grass verges of Thame. We’ve had our dog for nearly 7 years and looking out for hedgehogs in the evenings has become part of the pleasure of walking her.

I am careful that our dog doesn’t disturb them. I try to make sure she doesn’t even see them but occasionally she has spotted them and now seems happy to ignore them.

I’ve had the privelege of witnessing a courting pair on Vane Road just a couple of weeks ago. A month ago a pair were snuffling loudly in a garden on Naseby Close. Other encounters have tended to be one hedgehog per night and I’ve actually never seen a hedgehog in the same place twice – until tonight.

Tonight the baby was on the garden path between rows of shrubs – I’ve once seen a bigger hedgehog in the same place – many years ago.

Two, more fully grown, were at separate places on the Churchill Crescent play area park. I must admit I’ve seen quite a few recently there – but usually only one per night.

All 3 looked pretty healthy, though 2 of them appeared to be sleeping ! Hopefully the little one will fatten up before the end of October – so I’ll be looking out for that one over the coming months.

I’d rather I didn’t see them – I’d rather they were able to wander freely among our gardens where they are safe from anything that might harm them – cars, people, dogs. I’m hoping there are plenty of them safely ensconced in our gardens too.

To find out more about the 21st Century Thame Hedgehog Highways Project please do jump to this page …

For lots of general information there are some great websites out there. I especially like

Thanks to B P Collins for their wonderful sponsorship of this project 2023.