A boy’s first hedgehog rescue 

It is unusual to see a Hedgehog out in the day. It’s usually a sign that they’re unwell. So when we recently saw a Hedgehog out on Lenthall Green, we scooped him up with great care into a jumper and took him to St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Haddenham.

It wasn’t quite as simple as I’ve made it sound though. A toddler was involved. He was very proud of his first hedgehog rescue. 

He’d been refusing to ride his bike all day and wanted to push it along. He’s not even 2 yet but he knows his own mind. As many 2 year olds do. He saw the Hedgehog and was intrigued. I explained that when we see a hedgehog in the day it’s important to get them to the animal doctors as it is not their normal behaviour. 

“We need to take Hedgehog home so we can get the car and get him some help.” I’ve never my boy hop onto that bike so fast. Off he went. Luckily in the direction of home.

Tiggywinkles was busy but they were efficient, helpful and friendly as always.

Now this was the bit I wasn’t anticipating. My little boy did not want to hand the hedgehog over. It was his hedgehog now! We tried the nice approach but I ended up wrestling him back to the car. He was over it by the time we were back to Thame and now he likes to show people the picture of his hedgehog. I’m so happy I got the opportunity to show him how we can love and care for animals and I’m sure it’ll be the first of many hedgehog rescues in his lifetime!

When we first found the little hedgehog I was surprised when a lady we saw walking her dogs said she often sees the hedgehogs out in the day around that area. So keep an eye out if you’re local!

What Hedgehogstreet.org says about hedgehogs out in the day :

Red flags to look out for in the day include hedgehogs appearing lethargic, with flies around them, wobbling on their feet, or any hoglets without an adult. If the hedgehog is showing any of these signs, it’s best to follow this advice and call The British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890 801.

If the hedgehog is out in the day but moving with purpose and appears to be collecting grass or leaves, it’s best to leave it. This is likely a mother feeding and gathering nesting materials. If you’re unsure, keep an eye on the hedgehog from a safe distance and contact BHPS for advice.

If you see a hedgehog that is obviously injured or trapped, it needs help regardless of whether it’s day or night.


Hopefully we can all take care of our spikey little nighttime friends and keep them around for many more generations to come. 

Author : Laura Fellows : Thame.net

Thanks to B P Collins for their wonderful sponsorship of this project 2023.