Bird boxes for Lord Williams’s Upper School

After months of work 21st Century Thame have arranged the delivery of 10 bird boxes to Lord Williams’s Upper School which will be installed in the trees in September of this year.

Kate Paver of Lord Williams’s School Eco club and Lin from 21st Century Thame have worked with Andy Patchett from Cuttlebrook Conservation Volunteers to decide which bird boxes would be best for which trees.

The funding for the boxes has come from generous sponsorship by Lucy Electric through the #ThameTrees project of 21st Century Thame.

As a community we are so grateful to all the companies who are sponsoring our projects allowing us to support the schools and their Eco clubs.

We look forward to showing the photos of some of the bird boxes up in the trees and even maybe next year with some birds in residence.

Thanks to Lin Wylie of 21st Century Thame for liaising with the schools, Cristiana of Lucy Electric for being a very supportive sponsor, Kate Paver for being so proactive at Lord Williams’s school on teaching the children about caring for the environment and to Andy Patchett of Cuttlebrook Conservation Volunteers for helping with the knowledge about birds.

Why do birds need nest boxes ?

We all need a safe place to live and for wildlife it’s no different. One of the biggest causes of wildlife declines is a lack of suitable habitat. In addition to providing insect attracting plants on which they can feed, we can give birds a helping hand by offering cosy bird boxes and nest sites. Whatever the size of your outdoor space, this is a really easy way to help the nature on your doorstep…….. read more …