Lightfoots Solicitors Sponsor 21st Century Thame’s Sustainability Projects

We’re delighted to share that Lightfoots Solicitors is a key sponsor of 21st Century Thame. With offices in the heart of Thame, Lightfoots Solicitors offers award winning legal services for you – for business, for lenders and for life.

Lightfoots’ donation has been instrumental in supporting us with the following projects and initiatives:

  • Supporting local businesses with their corporate social responsibility (CSR)/ environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives by connecting with them with relevant grassroots projects that need their funding or volunteering support.
  • Creating spotlight articles and social media content showcasing the sustainability work already being undertaken by Thame businesses. The purpose of these articles is to inspire similar behavioural changes in other organisations and individuals, to create a more sustainable Thame
  • Brainstorming and creating new local, sustainability initiatives. We recently created and launched the Green Street Champion’s project, which is dedicated to establishing a network of green champions in Thame to encourage their neighbours to do their bit for the environment. This just completed a successful Crowdfunder campaign, raising £1,950. Previous to this, we designed the successful Hedgehog Highways project, which now has +100 Hedgehog Champions and an active community of people supporting Hedgehogs.
  • Working closely with the Thame Town Council environmental project officer to support her with the Thame Green Living plan’s implementation
  • Maintaining a close relationship with Thame’s schools’, green action groups and local volunteer organisations so that we understand their project needs and capacities, which in turns allows us to guide businesses to donate their time and money with the relevant organisations
  • Applying for grants to fund our mission of creating an environment where it’s easy for businesses, individuals or organisations to get involved in the sustainability projects that already exist in Thame or to start new ones!

We’re really grateful to Lightfoots Solicitors for their support as it allows us to create a more sustainable and biodiverse Thame, and to help protect Thame’s beauty for future generations.

You can read more about Lightfoots Solicitors here:

If you want to be a Green Street Champion or want to join the project team, please contact us [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.