Gathering nurtured trees for planting July 2021

Slowly gathering together the trees that have been nurtured over the past year or two by lovely residents of Thame.

These trees were whips with no leaves when the residents received them.  They have potted them up and watered them through the dry spells and now they are ready to be planted out.

Many of these trees are oaks.  With space and time they may grow enormous so they need to be planted where they will be managed or allowed to grow.

Orchard View Farm in Little Meadle will be the home of all these trees and more from next week.  Their glamping camp site will benefit from our #ThameTrees nurtured trees which will be planted on Friday 2nd July by a group of 21st Century Thame volunteers.

Thanks to James for joining in with our project to plant 5000 trees and taking on the responsibility of looking after these oaks, silver birch, rowan, willow and a few other species.

We are hoping to plant a number of hedges at the farm too later in the year.