#ThameTrees Spring Fruit tree project March 2021

Trees arriving from

Bernewode Fruit Trees, Ludgershall

and Waterperry Gardens

57 fruit trees and 10 birch waiting for distribution

Planting Spider Birch at Moreton in the

Red Kite Family Centre's new outdoor area

Planting 13 different species of apple tree at Brill

Planting 20 different species of apple tree at

Chinnor Rugby Football Club

This weekend (20/21st March 2021) we distributed and planted 67 trees to Thame, Brill, Moreton, Sydenham and Princes Risborough.

Thanks to the sponsorship mainly from Lucy Electric but also some donations from other companies (logos shown below) we were able to purchase 57 different varieties of fruit trees and 10 birch.

We are pleased to have been able to source the trees locally.

The fruit trees were purchased from Bernwode Fruit Trees based locally in Ludgershall.  We spent £1000 to buy 45 trees and Bernwode Fruit Trees kindly donated another 12.

The birch were purchased from Waterperry Gardens.

Thanks to Dan Gonzalez and Ian Starodub for all their work to arrange the purchase of this batch of trees.

Thanks also to Jack of BananaMove Couriers and Chris of Oak Garden Machinery for helping get the trees, in tact, from Ludgershall to their forever homes.

We are very much looking forward to seeing these grow and maybe even to taste the fruit.


The list of tree varieties planted

Bamfairs   (Dessert Apple)
Bazeley   (Cooking Apple)
Calville Blanc D’Ete   (Dessert Apple)
Cambridge Pippin   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Christmas Pearmain   (Dessert Apple)
Cockpit   (Cooking Apple)
Eynsham Dumpling   (Cooking Apple)
Flower Of The Town   (Dessert Apple)
French Crab   (Cooking Apple)
George Carpenter   (Dessert Apple)
Gold Medal   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Golden Pearmain   (Dessert Apple)
Golden Russet (Allgrove)   (Dessert Apple)
Golden Spire   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Grey Pippin   (Dessert Apple)
Iffley Beefing   (Cooking Apple)
Kath’s Hanover Heritage   (Dual-purpose Apple)
King Charles Pearmain   (Dessert Apple)
Lady Sudeley   (Dessert Apple)
Lamb Abbey Pearmain   (Dessert Apple)
Lemon Summering   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Long Reinette   (Dessert Apple)
Lord Hindlip   (Dessert Apple)
Maltster   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Mela Carla   (Dessert Apple)
Milton Wonder   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Myrtle’s Mystery   (Dessert Apple)
Nonsuch Park   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Norfolk Beauty   (Cooking Apple)
Old Loxton   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Oslin   (Dessert Apple)
Oxford Beauty   (Dessert Apple)
Peasgood’s Nonsuch   (Cooking Apple)
Pig’s Nose Pippin   (Dessert Apple)
Primrose Pippin   (Dessert Apple)
Queen   (Cooking Apple)
Radford Beauty   (Dessert Apple)
Ronalds’ Gooseberry Pippin    (Dessert Apple)
Rushmere Embroidered   (Cooking Apple)
Scarlet Pearmain   (Dessert Apple)
Stone Pippin   (Cooking Apple)
Summer Pearmain   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Sykehouse Russet   (Dessert Apple)
Thame Market Apple   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Tillington Court   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Tom Putt   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Warner’s King   (Cooking Apple)
Wax Apple   (Dessert Apple)
Wiltshire Dognose   (Dessert Apple)
Woolbrook Russet   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Wotton Costard   (Dual-purpose Apple)
Wyken Pippin   (Dessert Apple)
Endicott Pear Quince A ( Pear)
Hebe  ( Pear)
St. Nicholas ( Pear)
Swan’s Egg ( Pear)
Triomphe de Vienne ( Pear)