Moorend Lane Planning – Get Involved – should you oppose it

A Planning application is in consultation which could affect your environment. Thame is a great place to live and work and this application could jeopardise this by affecting the clean air, it could contaminate the ground and could impact on access on the Tythrop Way.

If you use the Ring Road then you might like to get involved in deciding whether or not this application should be rejected or accepted by the planners at SODC.

Thame urgently needs your individual attention on this matter – yes YOU !

Planning Application MW.0163/22

‘Proposed Permanent Aggregate + Soil Recycling Facility at Moorend Lane, Thame’

Thame Town Council have proposed the application be rejected but the more people who make comment on the Oxfordshire Planning website the more chance the locals will be listened to.

Maybe it should be rejected because –

  • It has no benefit to Thame
  • Possible ground contamination
  • Atmospheric Dust and Particulates
  • Noise and Light pollution
  • Access issues onto and off Tythrop Way
  • Loss of prospective green spaces

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Closing date for responses is 26th January 2023