Thame Business Green Spotlight – Rhubarb Seating

Local Business Hosting an Open Day to Showcase Sustainability Practices

Rhubarb Seating is opening its doors to welcome local business owners and community members to come and hear about their sustainability journey. A Thame based, furniture manufacturing business, Rhubarb Seating is dedicated to sustainability and to promoting sustainable manufacturing. To further demonstrate this commitment, they delivered on their Thame COP 21 achievements. They are very keen to share what they’ve learned to inspire others to start their sustainability journey too. As part of the open days, they will explain how they accomplished their Sustainability Achievements of

  • reducing waste to less than 5% in most of their product ranges
  •  cutting overall wood waste from production by 76-80%

Net Zero

Their innovation doesn’t stop there. They have signed up to work with ‘Pilot Group’ to work towards becoming Net Zero by reducing their carbon footprint. These open days are a great chance for other local businesses who are intending to become Net Zero, to see how that process is being practically implemented in a factory and showroom setting. Management and key operational staff will be available on site and happy to answer any questions that you have.

Ongoing Sustainability Initiatives

Rhubarb Seating have more sustainability initiatives underway encompassing their recycling, packaging, staff working hours, staff vehicles, product resourcing and deliveries. These initiatives are in alignment with their commitment to creating products through economically-sound processes, minimising environmental impact, conserving energy and using sustainable materials where possible.

More About Rhubarb Seating

Rhubarb Seating create contemporary seating for any commercial interior space where people need to sit down. They handle projects from the small to the very large – anything from a few units to hundreds of pieces. They work with work with architects, interior designers, developers, facilities managers, construction companies, local government and public bodies as well as furniture dealers, to deliver seating solutions to meet each individual customer’s needs.

During the open day they will offer a tour of their factory to also promote awareness of British manufacturing and production. At the event, a selection of ex showroom stock of non-domestic furniture will be on display for sale at a discounted price.

Event Details:

19th & 20th January 10am – 4pm
8 Dormer Road, Thame, OX9 3UD

A percentage of sales made will be donated to support 21st Century Thame projects. 21st Century Thame is a partnership between volunteers and Thame Town Council which aims to deliver projects that help to keep Thame vibrant, with a recent focus on projects that support Thame’s sustainability as well. These have included tree planting, launching a Repair Cafe, and supporting the implementation of Thame’s ‘Green Living Plan. The donation from Rhubarb Solutions will go towards furthering this work. 

The Rhubarb team look forward to welcoming you to their factory and showroom

The Thame Business Initiative is a 21st Century Thame project started January 2023).

It’s aim is to engage businesses in the sustainability discussion in 3 ways :

  • to showcase what they are already doing and what they are aiming to do,
  • to encourage their employees to be involved in local sustainability initiatives and
  • to encourage the business to help fund projects being run by the community.

The project has initially been funded by SODC via a South Oxfordshire District Council Councillor Grant 2023.

Lightfoots Solicitors have kindly supported this project to enable us to continue the work further into 2023.