First Hard Wood Cuttings of 2023

We are pleased to have launched the 2023 Hard Wood Cutting project with the harvesting of over 50 cuttings of Willow.

The cuttings are being nurtured on one of the allotments locally and could be ready for replanting in their forever home in about 2 years.

We are looking to use this technique, along with lifting self seeded saplings and harvesting tree seeds to provide free trees to private land owners who wish to plant trees in their gardens and woodlands.

Thanks for Gaye for getting this part of the project off the ground.

We are looking to organise a training workshop on how to take hard wood cuttings in the next month or so – if you might be interested in joining this please contact us at [email protected].

We have some information on our website about hard wood cutting if you’d like to start to find out how to help produce trees for the future of Thame.

#ThameTrees has plenty of contacts who have land on which they would love to plant more trees – so the more trees we can provide to them free of charge the more trees will be planted. So even if you don’t have a garden which can take big trees – you can help by propogating and nurturing.