Successful Hedgehog Highways examples

Last weekend Louisa and I went along to Wild Oxfordshire’s Linking Up for Nature: Hedgerows and Verges Conference.

It was a very interesting conference with great talks from passionate people.

Most importantly for our Hedgehog Highways Project one of the talks was by someone who has linked up 40 gardens in a small village in Oxfordshire – Kirtlington.

The talk was inspiring and fascinating.

One of the team is an avid photographer and so there is plenty of footage of hedgehogs doing their thing and using stone steps and slopes that were created to cater for gardens of different heights.

To see what they have been upto and hopefully inspire you to start making your garden more hedgehog friendly :

Garden Assessments

The Thame Hedgehog Highways team are here to help you. We offer FREE garden assessments where one of our team will come to your garden and advise on how you can alter your garden to increase the chances of hedehogs visiting without it costing you a penny.

Help creating Hedgehog Access Holes in fences and walls

We have a small team who will come and help you create a hole in your fences and walls safely.

Hedgehog Houses

We and a bunch of volunteers have been making Hedgehog Nesting Boxes out of recycled wood and we have been selling them for just £35 to encourage residents to encourage hedgehogs into their gardens. We’ve supplied them free to John Hampden Primary School and a Retirement Housing Estate.

Let us help you

If you are interested in getting involved please do contact [email protected].

Thanks to B P Collins for their wonderful sponsorship of this project 2023.