Wow ! We planted a woodland

A beautiful day for planting a woodland

Over 80 trees were planted yesterday in Sydenham by a team of 8 volunteers.  A well organised production line of hole diggers, compost movers, tree, guard and stake layers and then everyone planting some made for a very satisfying 4 hours of labour.

The trees being planted were all English natives – pendunculate oak, silver birch, wild cherry, rowan, field maple and grey willow which make up a working wood.

Thanks to the Woodland Trust for the grant of all these trees which will be helping to supply oxygen to the surrounding area for many years to come.

Thanks also to the volunteers who joined us yesterday in the beautiful fresh air and rolled up their sleeves and worked hard to plant all the trees that we’d taken.

#ThameTrees has another 70 oaks and 50 silver birch which need homes  So if you have a piece of land that is crying out for some trees please do get in contact with [email protected].