Simple but brilliant from Head Womble

The Head Womble of Thame Wombles saw an issue and took action to find and instagate a solution. 

Along the track between the Chinnor Rugby Club and the Thame Allotment Society Allotments dog owners found themselves wanting the walk round the lovely walk round the back of the showground, past the water treatment plant and out to Cromwell Avenue – but the dog just always waits until enough of a distance has gone past the dog poo bin at the entrance to the Chinnor Rugby Club.

The dilemma is to carry the bag the whole distance of the walk, walk back to the poo bin, or bag up the poop and leave the bag for collection another day.  Of course there is always that other option – don’t bag it and don’t carry it !

Many of us dog walkers had got into a habit of picking up other people’s dog’s bags – sharing is caring after all.

But Head Womble Joe decided to go one further and make life just a little easier for the rest of us.  He has placed another bin at the end of the track before the walk diverts off towards Haddenham and he voluntarily empties it on a regular basis.

What an amazing job Joe is doing all around Thame with help from many others who are picking up litter throughout our town.

For more information and to join the litter picking residents of Thame just go to and join the group.