Self Seeded Sapling nurturing project

Ensure we have enough trees

  • Self seeded sapling lifting and nurturing
  • Hard wood cuttings
  • Plant seeds from local trees

just 3 ways to grow more trees for the future

#ThameTrees have 3 projects designed to grow trees for the future.

You will already know that #ThameTrees have been planting trees in and around Thame for the past couple of years. Many of these trees have been purchased from local tree suppliers or have been part of grants of trees from the Woodland Trust.

We are really keen to be able to plant trees that have been started locally and these 3 projects are designed as this.

These 3 projects can be actioned by anyone – ideally before Spring arrives.

Recently volunteers have been searching for self seeded sapling trees that are too close to their parents to survive.  They have lifted them carefully trying to keep the roots in tact as much as possible and then potting them up into deep pots.   These pots have then been collected by local residents and placed in their gardens ready to be nurtured until they are big enough to be planted out.

#ThameTrees has plenty of contacts with the land to plant loads more trees – so it would be really great to get more people to harvest seeds and let them grow, lift self seeded saplings and nurture them, or take cuttings from healthy local trees.

If you would like to get involved please do contact [email protected].

If you have experience of any of these activities and could provide guidance on best practices e.g. size of pots, type of compost, any technniques – #ThameTrees would love to hear from you.