Chinnor Rugby Club mature tree plant 25th July

21st Century Thame has arranged sponsorship for 6 mature Silver Birch trees to be planted at the Chinnor Rugby Football Club.

The trees will be around 6m tall when planted so will immediately be helping the local environment combat climate change.  They will be absorbing CO2 and provide important habitat for our wildlife.

Alex Bond, representative of Chinnor RFC, said ‘We have been actively working on a number of projects to increase the greenery around the Rugby Club grounds.  With the addition of the 20 apple trees from the #ThameTrees fruit tree project in April 2021 and then these 6 wonderfully large mature statement trees the project is starting to take shape. We are looking to plant a few hedge lines within the grounds to help with the separating of pedestrians from vehicles too in the future.  A lovely way to improve the safety on the grounds.  We appreciate the work that 21st Century Thame have been doing to help us plant so many trees this year.  Also thanks to our volunteer grounds team who work tirelessly to keen the club neat and tidy for all our visitors.’.

Sue Martin-Downhill, chair of 21st Century Thame, had this to say.

‘The team at 21st Century Thame are so thankful for the support of Lucy Electric with their sponsorship last year that allowed us to plant over 2000 sapling trees, all the 1 and 2 year old fruit trees planted earlier this year and then their sponsorship this year to allow us to plant these 6 mature trees at the rugby club.  Without sponsorship from businesses in Thame it would be very difficult to successfully plant so much in such a short time.’

Cristiana Padilla, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) specialist at Lucy Electric, was keen to support our tree planting projects across the local area and said ‘Lucy Electric had made a pledge to start planting trees to help offset our carbon footprint and 21st Century Thame were very helpful in identifying where trees could be obtained and where they could be planted.’.

The #ThameTrees project is keen to continue planting trees, whether on community, public or private land and pledge to help anyone with land to find the trees for free from grants or sponsorship that will provide the wildlife with homes and oxygen for us all.   Contact [email protected] if you can sponsor, nurture, plant or help in any way.

UPDATE AND PHOTOS 25th July 2021

This weekend (25th July 2021) Chinnor Rugby Club planted 6 mature silver birch trees.  This adds to the 22 apple trees planted earlier this year as part of the #ThameTrees tree planting project of 21st Century Thame.

The silver birch trees were sponsored by Lucy Electric, a local Thame company who are very keen to help increase the number of trees in our local environment.

This planting is a result of the #ThameTrees project by 21st Century Thame, planting as many trees as possible in and around Thame to try to help with improving the air quality, with climate change and to help with improving our environment.

So far the #ThameTrees project has planted around 3000 trees in various different locations including resident’s gardens and land, local allotments, sports grounds, nature reserves, community woodlands.

Thanks to Alex Bond at the Rugby Club for promoting green solutions to issues that need to be addressed there.  Choosing to plant apple trees to provide a barrier to protect pedestrians from vehicles and planting mature trees as a divider between the showground and the rugby club.  We are still discussing the possibility of some hedging for more barrier to protect pedestrian access later in the year.

Below are some photos of the trees being planted.

Thanks to Will Cleare of the rugby club and 21st Century Thame for taking the photos and to Alex Bond, David Butler, Will Cleare, Mark Nicholls and John Nicholson for planting the trees.