New #ThameTrees tree establishment team

The new #ThameTrees tree establishment team have had a busy first few weeks.

Involved in the plantings at The Triangle adjacent to the skatepark, Queen Elizabeth Circle Recreation Ground and Table Top at Hamilton Road the team has enjoyed meeting lots of new people and getting their spades into the ground.

We’ve met a few times over a drink to discuss various aspects of tree establishment and we’ve had daytime meetings to discuss details with other groups involved in the plantings.

The team is taking on the responsibility of checking the newly planted trees for the first 2 years of their life.

We will be regularly walking past the newly planted trees checking that they are healthy. If at any point one of the team notices any issues with any of the trees we will meet and discuss remedial action.

Remedial action might be arranging for more watering, bringing in experts if there is disease, standing any upright again following storms or other reasons.

We will shortly be producing a leaflet for the residents very local to the trees telling them which types of trees have been planted and asking them if they would help water them. If you live around Table Top or near QEC and might be able to help please do contact [email protected]. We are looking at the possibility of purchasing some water butts for nearby residents if this will help with this care.

One of our team has been on an in person hedge maintenance weekend course in Watlington and also on a zoom workshop about the Landapp app which allows the mapping of land so that we can show which trees we are looking out for, which have been planted and where.

If you would like to join us please do contact us on [email protected].

These 3 areas of planting are on Thame Town Council land. Green spaces which are regularly mowed by the Thame Town Council Maintenance Team. Once the trees are established they will form part of the tree stock that this team cares for.

Please follow links in this post to read more about each of the projects mentioned here as there have been numerous groups involved in each. Each planting with a different mix of organisations involved – whether voluntary, business or council.