Trees for the future of Thame

It was sad to see the falling of the big tree on the Table Top green area along Hamilton Road in Lea Park a few years ago following the storms.

The social media on this sparked conversations which has now resulted in the planting of 10 trees to replace those that have had to come down over the past years.

This project has been led by the #ThameTrees project of 21st Century Thame – led by Sue Martin-Downhill very well supported by the new #ThameTrees Tree Maintenance team especially Peter and Gaye. 

The funding for the trees, stakes, ties and netting has been kindly provided by a couple who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary during lockdown and wanted to plant some trees to mark the occasion, Neil Wetherell and Diana Josey, as well as by Lucy Electric, our generous local international business who have helped us fund a number of tree planting projects over the past few years and whose staff came along to plant the 9 hornbeam, wild cherry and silver birch.

Diana said ‘We hope that more people of Thame will consider supporting the planting of trees’. Sue Martin-Downhill agreed and suggested that residents can get involved with offering funds for trees, for caring for new trees, joining planting parties, joining the teams who are arranging all this.

We are very thankful to JB Tree Services for their supply of the mulch which will help keep the weeds at bay until the trees can establish themselves.

Thame Town Council, who are responsible for the land and ultimately the trees in the future, agreed to the planting project and the residents around Table Top have agreed to care for the new trees until they are fully established.   Thame Town Council will then adopt the trees as part of their tree management throughout the town.

We would like to thank John Morris for his survey of the planting area and bringing his wealth of experience to the project to ensure that the right trees are planted in the right place with the right support.

We would also like to thank Lightfoots Solicitors for their generous funding this year which is supporting our activities like raising the funds for each of the specific projects.

If you would like to join a future planting party then please do go to the website and complete the Get Involved form for the #ThameTrees project.  We’d love to hear from you.