Hedge Fund!  – Carmichael UK sponsor a ‘collaborative’ new hedge for Thame

The triangle of land adjacent to the skatepark on Tythrop Way was opened up last year to permit a safe pedestrian route, crossing by traffic lights from the Queen Elizabeth Recreation Area to Moorend Lane and the many footpaths beyond.  

Planting a hedge inside the road boundary is the next stage in the regeneration of this area in line with the Thame Green Living Plan. The project was led by Charles Boundy and Colin Bloxham of Thame Green Living and brought together by Sue Martin-Downhill of Thame Trees.  There are plans to add more shrubs and other improvements in the near future to keep enhancing this area.  

It all looked doubtful a few weeks ago when the dry ground was rock hard and even more when it rained all day and night. Fortunately the ground was soft enough and the day for planting glorious.

This was a real collaboration and especial thanks are due to:

Thame Town Council – Asset Manager Andrea Oughton provided the opportunity, supported by colleagues and councillors. The TTC maintenance team prepared the ground

Thame Green Living  – Charles Boundy saw and progressed the opportunity and made the plans, Colin Bloxham added expertise and planting muscle, and John Scott provided the link to –

Carmichael UK – specialist civil engineering recruiters based in Thame who provided the funds and an enthusiastic planting party, led by directors Rod and Collette Carmichel, and

Thame Trees/ 21st Century Thame – led by Sue Martin-Downhill who coordinated the purchase of hedge whips, protectors and mulch (thanks to JB Services), and led the planting party, brilliantly supported by Peter Griffiths and Gaye Lynch

And thanks also to Helpful Hirings for the invaluable loan of a turf stripper.