#ThameTrees – what you can do at home

There are a few things that you can do yourselves to help greatly with the #ThameTrees initiative – and they don’t involve planting in your back garden !

Lift and nurture self seeded saplings

Around Thame and maybe in your garden you will find trees that have seeded themselves near their parent trees.

They may be in the wrong place and they need digging up.

How about potting them up ?

Keep them in your garden for the next 6 months and see if they take.

If this spring or next spring they show signs of life – contact us at #ThameTrees and we’ll find a new home for them.

[email protected]

Take hardwood cuttings and nurture

If you have a tree in your garden or somewhere you walk – where you can ask permission of the owner – you could try taking cuttings.

This is almost as simple as cutting a twig out of a small branch and placing it in the ground or in a pot – you can plant loads of these in a small area and see which ones take.

Read more on our post from our post in January 2020 ….

Thame Tree Propogate 2020 #ThameTrees