Thame Trees sponsor – Hamsterlips

How Hamsterlips are helping #Thametrees

As well as a financial donation, Hamsterlips are providing hands-on help with maintaining the 21st Century Thame website, project admin, attending events and meetings, support with promotion and anything else that’s needed. Having an ongoing relationship with 21st Century Thame means we like to help whenever we can.

About Hamsterlips

Hamsterlips provides sales and marketing help from branding and positioning through to aligning your sales and marketing teams. To support smaller businesses, we act as a go-to partner for owners and managers – we help with a whole range of day-to-day challenges. With MBTI® Practitioners on the team, Hamsterlips also provides personal and team development services specialising in managers and sales and marketing teams. Visit the Hamsterlips website.