The first Woodland Trust 420 trees are planted

Here we have Duke of Edinburgh students and local residents helping plant another 50 trees in Moreton during November 2020.

During November the #ThameTrees project planted 420 trees from the Woodland Trust.  They were shared across 5 private gardens/ small holdings in Thame, Moreton, Princes Risborough and Brill.

Around 80 of the whips have been planted in pots and are being nurtured by local residents.  We hope to be able to plant these into their forever homes when they’ve grown for a year or so

We are hoping to be successful in another application for the same number of trees in March 2020.

The next project will be to purchase specific trees for planting in specific areas around our locality.  If you would like to be considered to receive 1 or a number of whips in the next couple of months you need to :

  1. Know which type of trees and how many you would like to plant
  2. Contact [email protected] with this information
  3. Be able to provide compost for each whip

It may be that our Duke of Edinburgh Year 9s will be able to help with the planting.

Let’s get some more trees in the ground after New Year !