ThameTrees – plant a fruit tree

Plant a fruit tree in a Thame garden

21st Century Thame has sponsorship to plant trees – let’s plant one in your garden

Free fruit trees for your garden

We’re really pleased to have managed to plant or nurture all the tree whips we received from the November grant of 420 trees.

So, now we are launching our next tree planting project.

We need to find anyone who would like to plant a fruit tree in their garden but would like help with the cost of the tree and any stakes or guards for them.

With the new variant of the coronavirus and the Tier 5 restrictions we feel that we can’t organise planting parties at the moment.   So in order to progress getting trees in the ground we need to ask everyone if they would be willing to plant a tree or two or more themselves.

We would like to bulk purchase fruit trees in this next project.

So, anyone who would like to plant a fruit tree in their garden (or anywhere else that they have permission to plant !) we will pay half !  For the first 10 requests we will supply free !

We have £500 budget for this project so if you’re interested please do contact [email protected] as soon as you can and please specify :

1. Which types of fruit tree
2. How many of each
3. Whether they need to be a certain size 

Please do contact [email protected] 

This project is being led by Dan Gonzalez – so make contact with us and Dan will call you soon after.

The Team at #ThameTrees project of 21st Century Thame