#ThameTrees thanks Lucy Electric for their contribution to Climate Action in Thame

Climate Action Heros

High Sheriff of Oxfordshire 2022

Lucy Electric is very proud to have supported the #ThameTrees project from 21st Century Thame, who have gone on to win a ‘Community Climate Action Hero Award’ from the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Imam Monowar Hussain.

The awards were presented at the Wood Centre for Innovation in Headington, Oxford on 21st February 2022.

One of the goals for Lucy Electric for 2020, in anticipation of our Sustainability programme launch, was to support the reduction of CO2 in the air by planting trees. When looking locally at how we could do this, we found the #ThameTrees project had just been announced.  We immediately got in touch to see how we could help. We feel very privileged to be involved from the beginning of this project providing the initial seed funding of £2500 that allowed the project to gain momentum and garner widespread support.  

In the following years we have continued to support this scheme providing funds for larger trees to be planted on community land at the Chinnor Rugby club in Thame. We have also gone on to plant some mature trees at the entrance our UK factory and offices in Thame with the help of Thame Green Living and #ThameTrees.  

We are so delighted that the #ThameTrees project has gone from strength to strength and will continue in our commitment to support the project in whatever way we can.  We are proud to be able to contribute positively to the environment and biodiversity of our local town.

If you’re interested in planting more trees contact [email protected] or go to the 21stcenturythame.co.uk website.

Cristiana Padilla

Lucy Group CSR Specialist

Lucy Electric have kindly agreed to sponsor the planting of trees by #ThameTrees again this year.   If your company would like to get involved in being a Tree Planting sponsor please do get in contact with [email protected].