Frogs around Thame – let’s care for them

I’ve rarely seen frogs on the pathways of Thame – but this year just last week – there were 3 just chilling in the evening air on my dog walk.

Lea Park March 2023

A friend who writes on the facebook group Thame Wild Gardens reported last week that they had 50-60 frogs in their garden pond.

This week Cuttlebrook Nature Reserve (on their facebook page) have reported loads of frogs and toads in the Cuttlebrook.

So we need to try to look after the ones that have hatched.

So :

During Spring please DO NOT let your dogs into the water of the Cuttlebrook.

Especially if they have recently had tick / flea treatments.

Here are some of the photos of the Cuttlebrook this week – aren’t they adorable :