Care for your community – QEC hedge planting update

#ThameTrees (a project of 21st Century Thame), Thame Green Living, SODC and Thame Town Council are working together to increase the number of trees and hedges in and around Thame.

Our collaboration has planted over 7000 plants over the past 3 years.

Most of the plants are thriving in their environments and we are really looking forward to seeing them budding over the next few weeks and bursting in to life.

Unfortunately, we have to report that the hedging at the Queen Elizabeth Circle Recreation Ground is not doing so well.

And we have to report that they are regularly being pulled up. The amount of damage we are seeing has to be the result of human activity.

We were very much hoping that the local community would appreciate the increase in biodiversity on the recreation ground and help to care for the new saplings but there appears to be a few intent on destroying them instead.

The #ThameTrees New Tree Maintenance team of volunteers will spend time sorting out the latest damage over the next few weeks – but if we find that more damage is done we may have to consider relocating these plants.