A Stitch in Thame donation to NHS Charities

Today we paid £490 into the NHS Charities Together VirginMoneyGiving.com charity donations page (of which £468.89 actually gets to the charities).

This was the total of the donations from the public, nhs personnel and businesses who received face coverings and fidget blankets from the ‘A Stitch in Thame’ group during the first lockdown.

What a team Thame has !!

The Thame group with 235 members made over 1200 laundry bags, over 700 face coverings, 87 pairs of scrubs, 28 fidget blankets and nearly 300 ear savers. All were given freely to those that asked for them.

We would like to thank Thame Town Council for their support which helped ensure that the sewers had what they needed and to thank Andy Groves of Groves Haberdashery of Thame for their donation of haberdashery – without which we couldn’t have produced so much.