#ThameTrees hedging our Scotsgrove paths

Scotsgrove family thank #ThameTrees sponsors and workforce

By Greer Glover

A Scotsgrove family, who received 140 saplings through 21st Century Thame’s #ThameTrees project, has thanked the project’s sponsors and workforce team for giving them ‘a real leg-up’ in kickstarting the renewal of a natural boundary on their property.

Now the Usher family, consisting of mum Vicki and dad Neil, and their three boys have a mix of country hedge saplings that will grow to line their Grade II-listed cottage.

And Scotsgrove residents will benefit, too, because the saplings also border Mill Lane in the village.

“We want to say a huge thank you,” said Vicki. “It’s fantastic, a huge leg-up.”

Over the years, the original boundary had not been maintained by previous owners and so a workforce from #ThameTrees, which is overseen by community support organisation 21st Century Thame, cleared the existing hedgerow to make way for the new plantings.

The saplings for the hedge were supplied as part of a Woodland Trust community planting grant which included hazel, dog rose, wild rose, field maple and oak.

Vicki said she viewed the new natural boundary as a ‘responsibility’. “We had to think far beyond our own lifetime. We had to choose carefully,” she said.

“We can nurture and water the hedgerow. It’s a habitat and we’re also protecting wildlife. It’s something we’re putting back into the whole community.”

“This has been a huge help to a young family doing up an old property. It’s really helped us to improve it.”

The Usher family are not stopping at the 140 trees. They hope to plant a further 200 saplings in the future to help them complete their renovation project.

The #ThameTrees project also supplied 6 apple trees from the local rare fruit tree specialists Bernwode Fruit Trees, of Ludgershall.  These trees were part of the March 2021 fruit trees project where 67 different types of apple tree were given to residents in and around Thame.  This project was kindly sponsored by Lucy Electric who have been supporting the #ThameTrees project since it began.

Will Cleare, of #ThameTrees clearing and planting workforce, said, “We were really pleased to have been able to help Vicki, Neil and the boys with the clearing and planting parties that took place earlier this year.

“It’s great to be involved in the projects #ThameTrees undertake, knowing we’re supporting the local community, as well as being a force for good for our environment.”

He said the planting parties were great fun and those involved were able to boost their physical, mental and emotional well-being. “They’re also a great opportunity to meet new faces and spend constructive time with nature – and the cups of tea helped too – thanks, Vicki!”