How easy to take hard wood cuttings

I spend alot of time on my laptop – arranging tree plantings, writing articles, publishing social media and trying to encourage others to join in.

I hope that there are a few others in Thame taking hard wood cuttings so that next year we will be able to plant out hedges and woodland from the saplings we’ve grown ourselves.

Dom and Hugo have spent a few hours lifting saplings and planting them in pots – these are now with their foster parents being nurtured for a while until they are ready to be planted out.  I’ve even got a couple of these myself I found growing in the wrong part of the garden.

Making that start it inspired me to take some hard wood cuttings myself – and this is the result.   I am looking forward to seeing if I have succeeded and I feel good for having tried.

Have you joined in ?  Send us a picture to [email protected] of your hard wood cuttings and self sown saplings in your garden or on your allotment.

Author : Sue Martin-Downhill