Successful fruit from #ThameTrees Fruit Trees project

In March 2021 the volunteers of #ThameTrees distributed these 67 fruit trees across Thame and surrounding villages.

A few of these trees went to Scotsgrove.

The family there have nurtured the trees very well – keeping them watered through the dry spells and making sure that nothing harms the trunks or the leaves.

Below is the fruit of all our work.

These trees are obviously loving their new home in Scotsgrove getting plenty of sun, shelter, water and care.

Last year we ran a project to plant lots of fruit trees across Thame and surrounding villages. Each fruit tree was a different variety – that’s all 67 were a different variety !!!

They trees were supplied by Bernwode Fruit Trees based locally in Ludgershall.

Here is our previous post at the time.

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