Become your street’s Hedgehog Street Champion

21st Century Thame have started the Hedgehog Highways Project to try to make the gardens of Thame the place for hedgehogs to live and thrive.

Hedgehogs need space to roam when they are foraging for food, finding their new home to hibernate or to give birth and nurture their young.

The safest place for them is in our gardens – so long as our gardens are hedgehog friendly and connected to our neighbours and to the outside world.

Since the start of our project a few months ago we have been joined by 60 other people who are keen to let our hedgehogs thrive within our gardens. This covers 55 of the streets of the OX9 3 post code area. You can see the distribution of the champions across Thame in our map here (kindly produced by Louisa Wilkinson – part of the Hedgehog Highways project team).

There are 157 streets in the OX9 3 postcode area. So we would really love to find another 152 people – one on each street to make their garden as hedgehog friendly as possible and then connect with the street neighbours to make Thame the most hedgehog friendly town in the UK.

To find out more and join in please contact [email protected].

We will ask you to join our mailing list and we will catch you up on previous newsletters. We would love to get feedback from all our champions on how progress is being made to connect our gardens and provide food, water and shelter for our hogs.

Thanks to B P Collins for their wonderful sponsorship of this project 2023.