Turkey hedgehogs seen every night

A group of members and friends from Racquets Fitness Centre went on a 5 day trip to Turkey to get some winter sun. While they were there they brought back photos of hedgehogs out every night. Lots of the holidaymakers noted seeing multiple hedgehogs.

In Thame the conversation about hedgehogs is mostly

I remember seeing hedgehogs everywhere when I was a kid – this is going back 50 years !
I haven’t seen one for years !

We don’t know why they are thriving in Turkey but we know lots of reasons why they are not in the UK.

We need to do something about this – we need to provide more habitat for them to roam, feed, live, have families. The only action that residents can take is to open up your own gardens to allow wildlife in.

Join the Hedgehog Highways project now – open up your garden with hedgehog accessways – here is a link to some useful information : https://21stcenturythame.co.uk/2023/11/03/successful-hedgehog-highways-examples/.

Join our group now to help. Contact [email protected].