Climate Conversation Training 14th Oct 2021

Launching Thame COP26

First Event of Thame COP26 2021

Climate Conversation Training
and Thame COP26 update

14th October 2021 : 7pm via Zoom

Thame COP26
A project to mobilise all of Thame to achieve net zero carbon sooner

21st Century Thame is supporting Thame COP26

The first event of Thame COP26 will take place on Thursday 14th October at 7pm.

It will be a Zoom gathering.

From 7pm to 7.45pm

You are invited !

‘Climate Conversations’ Is a 45 min taster workshop for anyone who thinks about climate and would like to talk about it more.

Nick Nuttgens, from the Climate Communications hub in Sheffield, will be introducing us to some ideas and methods that enable us to talk about tricky issues whilst also making friends.

Everyone is welcome. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for the zoom link.

Please spread the word!

Then from 7.45pm to 8.15pm
The workshop will be followed by an optional 30 min update on Thame COP26. 
Anyone who is volunteering to help with Thame COP26 will be invited to continue the meeting to discuss the specific actions needed over the next few weeks.

Please do invite any friends and family that you know who are interested in mobilizing Thame into more action.


1) To ask as many Thame based organisations as possible ( schools, faith groups, businesses, vol groups etc) to identify what they can DO to reduce emissions and restore nature between now and March 22 – and commit to doing it. 

2) To create an inspiring opportunity for young people locally to find out about the variety of ways professionals, activists and volunteers are addressing the climate and ecological crisis. This is being developed in partnership with Lord Williams’s School

3) To further raise the profile of all the brilliant work that is already going on in Thame to restore nature and reduce emissions.

4) To create and celebrate a sense of united effort in our town towards restoring nature and reducing emissions locally, as part of the global drive.