#ThameTrees Autumn 2021 projects

A small team of #ThameTrees volunteers visited a copse in Thame last weekend (October 2021) in order to search out self seeded saplings that are likely not to survive because they have fallen too close to their parent.

After a very enjoyable hour of searching and lifting we now have 21 one to two foot high trees – possibly a year old – which are newly potted up and being nurtured in a lovely garden in Thame.

The trees will be looked after until Spring of next year (2022) to make sure that they have survived the repotting and then we will find new homes for them to flourish and help with capturing the carbon in and around our town.

Other projects in progress 

Supporting Thame Green Living with the Howland Road planting project

Supporting Thame Green Living with the Rycote Meadow planting project

Applications to the Woodland Trust for large Wildlife packs of saplings for locations in and around Thame