Thame Wild Gardens #ThameWildGardens

Make your Garden Wild !

Encourage hedgehogs,, frogs and other native fauna

Did you know?

You may have heard about the climate crisis. But have you heard about the wildlife crisis? Many of our favourite species are in decline. Habitats are suffering too. We’ve lost 97 % of our wildflower meadows over the last 100 years. But YOU can help, and it’s really easy!

In the UK, our gardens cover an area bigger than all of the country’s nature reserves put together, about the same as 5 million football pitches. Each garden is small but working together we can do something truly special for nature.

We want you to:

Help build a shared community purpose around nature and gardens.

Improve Thame biodiversity and wildlife abundance to help address the UK’s wildlife crisis.

Feel good about being in your garden and surrounded by wildlife!

Spread the word about how anybody can be a force for change.


Our target:

We want to give 100 people a Thame Wild Gardens certificate by the end of the year!

(Photo courtesy of John Morris)

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