Another 200 trees planted last weekend

Another fantastic planting weekend

80 hedge whips planted on Saturday and 120 whips planted on Sunday.  What a team !

On Saturday we were in Moreton.  We were completing a hedge that we couldn’t finish in December because the ground was too wet.  This meant it was easy to dig the holes with spades – it was pretty hard work transporting the compost across a bumpy field but it was so satisfying.  A team of 6 planted 80 plants in around 3 hours.  Good going !

Off to Scotsgrove on Sunday where we were planting a new hedge which will improve the enjoyment of a track used regularly by walkers from Thame and the surrounding villages and towns.  We knew in advance that the ground would be very dry and very hard to dig so we invested in a powered auger from Oak Garden Machinery.  This tool made light work of making the holes which allowed an organised team of 10 to plant the length of the hedge needed.

We are so pleased to have been able to help the residents of these areas of land.