Thame residents meet to view drone thermal images – 2nd March

Last November we announced that a professional thermal imaging drone would make a series of flights over Thame.

at 6:30pm
at Thame Town Hall,

residents from Thame will watch the results of those flights.

The meeting, organised by volunteer organisation COSY THAME, will give residents the chance to find out how they can insulate their homes, reduce their fuel bills, and reduce Thame’s carbon footprint.

The series of drone flights took place in December 2022 and recorded thermal images of Thame’s rooftops. The drone was flown by retired WING COMMANDER NIGE FORSHAW and the videos it produced highlighted homes that are wasting energy. “The thermal images show Thame residents where heat is leaking from their homes,” says Cosy Thame founder DAVID DAWSON. “We want to help people save on their fuel bills this winter. There are lots of simple changes people can make such as hanging heavier curtains or putting a draught excluder at the foot of the front door.”

DAVID DAWSON on 07740 051529 or [email protected]

Cosy Thame is part of Thame Green Living and works in partnership with Thame Citizens Advice, Thame Town Council and 21st Century Thame.