supporting Thame’s hedgehogs

21st Century Thame has recently started a project to increase the routes around Thame through which our local hedgehog populations can travel.

We have had a great response already to the idea of the project and we are looking to have a stall at Taste of Thame – it’ll be ‘Taste of Thame for Wildlife too’ – with an example of a homemade hedgehog feeding station as well as a homemade hedgehog house. We’ll have information about how to care of hedgehogs in your garden and what a highway really is and what it means to the hedgehog population.

It’s great to see the community getting in on the action to raise the profile of our hedgehogs – here is a lovely article on

If you’d like to get involved we are meeting every 3 or 4 weeks and we’ll be trying to be at as many events as possible.

Contact us via our hedgehog projects contact form or email [email protected] for more information.